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Recorded in February 2024 in rehearsal with Saffron Opera at the Saffron Hall for their concert performance of Le nozze di Figaro. 

Cherubino: Emily Hodkinson

Conductor: Michael Thorne

Voi che sapete Le nozze di Figaro
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In darkness let me dwell, the ground shall sorrow be;

The roof despair to bar all cheerful light from me;

The walls of marble black that moistened still shall weep;

My music hellish jarring sounds to banish friendly sleep.

Thus wedded to my woes, and bedded to my tomb,

O let me living, living die, till death do come.


Emily and Amy Chang won the Rodney Gibson Early Music Prize at the 2021 Patricia Routledge National English Song competition for their performance of Dowland's In Darkness Let Me Dwell.

It's after midnight and Cendrillon has escaped from the ball without her identity being revealed.

As she returns home she describes her scary and exhilarating journey home from the ball, and asks her Fairy Godmother to forgive her for losing her glass slipper. 

Enfin, je suis ici - Cendrillon

Emily Hodkinson and Matthew Gibson

Romeo (head of the Montagues) has come to plead his case to Cappellio (head of the Capulet family) in disguise, having killed Cappellio's son in battle. He offers to make peace by joining their families with Romeo's marriage to Giulietta. Romeo sings that, if he did kill him, only fate is to blame. If he is allowed to marry Giulietta, Capellio will have another son in Romeo.

Se Romeo t'uccise un figlio - I Capuleti e i Montecchi

Emily Hodkinson and Amy Chang

In an isolated country house, in the depths of a stormy winter's night, Erika questions why the winter must come so soon, as Vanessa nervously awaits the arrival of a lover she has not seen in 20 years. 

Must the Winter Come So Soon? - Vanessa

Emily Hodkinson and Amy Chang

She deceives my sweet affection

with the aspect of my dearest.

Yet who knows?

It is as well to fear that, in loving,

I may again be deceived.

Sweet affection flatters me….

But were this really she whom I adored,

and I now forsook her,

them would I be unfaithful, ungrateful,

And a cruel traitor.

Mi lusinga il dolce affetto - Alcina

Emily Hodkinson and Amy Chang

Madame Larina - Eugene Onegin

Opera Holland Park Young Artist 2022

Credit: Alastair Muir for Opera Holland Park

Minskwoman - Flight

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2022

Credit: Robbie McFadzean

Hermia (A Midsummer Night's Dream) and Title Role (Cendrillon) - Opera Scenes

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2021

Credit: Robbie McFadzean

Jenny - Die Dreigroschenoper

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2020