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Emily Hodkinson 


Emily Hodkinson as Larina in Opera Holland Park's Young Artists Performance of Eugene Oneg

"It is amazing what difference a wig and cap can make. Having met Emily Hodkinson at a Young Artists event earlier in the year I was very struck by how different her Madame Larina was from the real Emily. This Larina was very poised and centred, cool almost and she had a Jane Austen-esque sense of floating through life unaware of the little dramas eddying round her."

Eugene Onegin, Opera Holland Park (Young Artist)

Planet Hugill, June 2022

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Emily is a mezzo-soprano hailing from Nottingham. 

A graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Alexander Gibson Opera School and the Univeristy of York, she is a 2022 Opera Holland Park Young Artist, and winner of the Rodney Gibson Early Music Prize at the 2021 Patricia Routledge National English Song Competition.

With a voice described as 'silvery, mellifluous and warm', Emily is forging a path as a dynamic and exciting young operatic mezzo-soprano. She is excited to have recently joined the artist roster at Musichall Ltd.

When not singing, Emily can be found repairing watches and helping at the family pick-your-own farm, growing thousands of pumpkins and sunflowers!

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